Weekly   Programs &   Announcements

● Bible Studies​: The Sunday afternoon class (3:30-5:00 p.m.), and the Monday evening class (7:00-8:30 p.m.) on the Gospel of John by Rev. Grant. The Friday Evening Bible class on the Intro To the Old Testament is on Friday at 7:00-8:30 pm. 
● Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 24th after service.  
● T4 form is ready.  Please pick it up from your mailbox. 
● Please diligently read the Word of God daily. 
● Communion - Sunday, March 3rd 



Our Christian faith is to be lived out in a Christ-centred community.  Please join us after our Sunday service each week for a cup of coffee to connect with our Heart Lake community.



Baptism is an important part of our Christian faith.  Baptism signifies a profession of faith, an initiation into the Church Body, and a commitment to Christ and His Church.  If you or your child would like to be baptized, email the minister to arrange classes for baptism.

Getting Married?

Are you looking to get married thorugh our Heart Lake Community?  Do you have any questions related to marriage?  Want to start your marriage off by being proactive?  Ask us about our marriage preparation with the minister.

Please feel free to email us.

Connect with our 'Heart Lake Presbyterian' fanpage on Facebook.  Don't know how to use this and want to join?  Come in during our office hours and we'll get you plugged into it.


Address:  25 Ruth Avenue, Brampton, ON, L6Z 3X3

​Tel:  905-846-6657